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New Year's Resolutions

I alluded to the fact that New Year's Resolutions were another post in my last post. I do not know what happened to last year's--perhaps it was lost in the Great Server Crash.

  1. A holdover: do not weigh more than 175 pounds (naked) for any length of time or for any reason.

  2. This has been a perpetual resolution since 2010.
  3. Run (sustained speeds of greater than 6.0 miles per hour) at least a mile three times a week (first and last weeks of the year excepted, due to the fact that they are not full seven-day weeks).

  4. I want to get into better shape.
  5. Relatedly, get to the gym three times a week every week (first and last weeks of the year excepted).

  6. There's no excuse.
  7. Make a blog post every day.

  8. I need to do something. In order to track that, blog.
  9. Shuck away $100/week.

  10. I need to get a down payment ready for a new car. Seriously, my car is now 10 years old and is on the last oil change of its intended life span (the next oil change will happen with mileage over 140k miles).
  11. Obtain a new vehicle.

  12. My car is just a piece of junk. It doesn't matter whether I lease or buy. Target time is June/July.
  13. Read at least 5 novels and blog about it.

  14. Serials count separately. Manga, light novels, and fan fiction do not count.
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