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A Sunday Around Town

This was posted originally at my WordPress blog, here.

Today was a good day, even if my driving sucked (I think I almost had 10 accidents today, mostly because I suck at driving).

It started just after 7:00a, when my alarm woke me. I got up, got dressed in my Sunday best, and pointed my car down the Dallas North Tollway to check out a congregation in my continuing survey of Christian worship and search for a church home. Today’s congregation was of the Orthodox Church in America, and the service and congregation were both pretty much what I’ve been seeking. The sheer beauty of the whole thing was sublime. I’m thinking I’m going to seek acceptance in this congregation.

That lasted until about 2:00p, including service, fellowship, and talking with the Metropolitan.

At that time, I pointed my car up Marsh and returned to change and head out to the Irving Anime Club. I was there for their screening until shortly before 5:00. Then, I ran back up MacArthur and onward home. I am exhausted and damn lucky to be alive (as an indictment of my own driving).

Tags: church, dallas, social life
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