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Getting settled

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So I’ve been here a week now, and honestly, a part of me is getting really homesick. I don’t know that I’ll venture to the Galleria Dallas that much: not only does it seem like a knock-off of The Galleria that doesn’t quite cut it (it feels to be about half the size of The Galleria), but it makes me homesick for the real thing.

I’m also looking for sleeper sofas. I found one at a furniture liquidators in Arlington that I really liked. There’s a pair of similar items that come in a set at The Dump, and if I had an apartment with a study, they’d have been mine last week. I’ve decided against getting a night stand or a linen cabinet, as I’ve got another set of drawers coming from Houston that will fill the role of both quite nicely.

I’ve begun the search for a the best cup of tea that I did not make myself in the Metroplex. If you’re in Houston, I can tell you that you want Té House of Tea in Neartown (and next time I’m down there, which I hope to be next weekend, I will introduce my mom and sister to the place). I found a place called Tea Thyme and Tisane in downtown Carrollton that made a pretty good cup today. About the only thing wrong with it is that it seemed to fall between Té’s informality (which I love) and geniality and the posh and proper upscale tea rooms that are generally more common (which I honestly could do without). Also, they don’t have crepes. In their favor, they did sell individual cups of loose tea, which was a blessing, as I didn’t need a whole small pot. They’re also a lot closer than Teavana, so I won’t have to run all the way to the aforementioned Galleria Dallas to get my own teas. In summary, I need a similar crack team of hipsters, anime fen, freaks, and weirdos to help me out again, but I don’t have them here yet.

One thing I’m struggling with is the fact that there are no regular Howard E. Butt’s grocers around here. If they did, I’d be shopping there. Sure, they have Central Market with about the same distribution as Whole Paycheck Foods, but those don’t sell the store brands. This wouldn’t be a huge concern for most people, but they do make a particular bagel that I’ve come to like. I’ll have to have them shipped from Houston until further notice.

Also, DART doesn’t have a declining balance fare system like Houston METRO does. This makes me sad.

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