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My first week: done

This was posted originally at my WordPress blog, here.

Yeah, it’s a little early, but I had to be here at the apartment to babysit the delivery guys. I finally have a bed1. If 5:00p weren’t so damn close, I’d head back in to work. In any case, I managed to accomplish everything I wanted to get done today and then some. The take-home lesson here is that Linq is easier to use than ADO.NET.

Also, I had an American staple for the first time today: the leftover meatloaf sandwich. It would have been better had I remembered to bring lettuce, tomato, and spicy brown mustard, but it was still worth eating. Interestingly, I didn’t start eating meatloaf until I started cooking for myself.

We’re going to do some more bloggazing this week. Today, I’m looking at the search terms through which people got to this blog on Google. It appears they’re all looking for this post, where I discuss my attempts at figuring out what the Weight Watchers’ POINTS algorithm is, armed only with their slide rule, a POINTS calculator, and nutrition labels from all sorts of food. They also particularly seem interested in the Roasted Almond Sensation snack bars (the best snack bar ever made, taste-wise), which were introduced last month, probably as a seasonal item2.

In fact, the only person coming here that actually dealt in my primary area of expertise (that would be computer programming and software engineering) was looking for “how to write python burned calories formula”. I will admit that I don’t have a script that calculates calories you’ve burned, but if you know the Metabolic equivalent of the Task, you need only multiply that by your mass in kilograms and the length of time you did whatever exercise you performed in hours–the resultant number is how many kilocalories (which are the same as dietary calories) you’ve burned. Honestly, if a machine I’m using tells me how many kilocalories I’ve burned, I divide that by 50 for the Activity POINTS that I’ve earned.

1. I haven’t slept in a bed in a week. It’s murder on my back. My father, on the other hand, loves that kind of arrangement.
2. I know a lot of Weight Watchers members, myself included, that will revolt if they are discontinued.

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