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Live from Carrollton

This was posted originally at my WordPress blog, here.

I’ve moved in, but my phone and Internet haven’t been set up. I have a public library that’s a short walk from my apartment (I now have a card), so I’m currently typing this from there.

I’ll admit that I’m incredibly terrifed. What do I do, Internets? No, seriously, what do I do? I’m out here and truly alone for the first time, with home more than a phone call and an hour’s wait away. I don’t even have a bed yet–I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress that won’t hold pressure due to advanced age (I got a sleeping mat today, so that will change). I don’t know anybody here, really, and the reality of my situation is beginning to sink in. At least it’s just the Metroplex and not the far side of the moon.

Those who follow my Twitter account know that I have a television now, even if there’s nothing to watch quite yet. I’ve played some old Super Nintendo games on it, even. Yeah, that’s perverse and honestly harder than I thought.

I’ll start work tomorrow. As a gesture of awesome, I’m taking in a dozen donuts for the team. Perhaps that will help relieve some of my lostness.

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