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And now, a word from Twitter

Sometimes, you've just got to be a twit. This is what I was up to today.

  • 11:19 Just got 4 new pairs of pants. They're a size smaller than the ones I got in August. #
  • 17:33 I'm back in my part of town. I'm eating, then going to the gym. #
  • 23:33 What follows is me catching up on the last week of replies. I've been AFK, and haven't seen these. #
  • 23:33 @manuelj Watching what I eat. Walking 5-9 miles a day. #
  • 23:34 @Bethocalypse Chumming: crumbling up wet cat food and throwing it in lake water in the hopes of attracting fish, which will then be caught. #
  • 23:34 (For the record, we didn't catch anything.) #
  • 23:35 @segarza Nah. However, it seems like every part of "Like A Boss" by The Lonely Island would be perfect for Twitter. #
  • 23:36 @Bethocalypse The story of my life: get born, 14 years of crap, three fun years, a nightmare, college, and the worst funk ever. #
  • 23:39 Obscenely large portion sizes at restaurants and the obesity epidemic that ensues. And Fox News's relevance. #leaveitinthe00s #
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