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I'm going to do something highly unusual for me: talk about television, specifically Stargate: Universe.

I'm not really sure what to think. We've known about the 9-chevron address for quite a while now, but honestly, I'm not sure what the Ancients were thinking. Either that, or the guys on board are complete idiots (which would not be unusual for Stargate teams that aren't SG-1, and supported by the fact that they're even in this predicament). After all, if they've found that the ship was supposed to be occupied at a later date, the Ancients would have stocked it with supplies. Yet does the team even bother taking an inventory of what they have? Of course they don't.

I do find the idea of sending out ships with gates interesting. This may be how the Ancients bootstrapped other galactic gate networks. I doubt, however, that we're going to find many humanoid aliens at all. If we do, that'll just be plain stupid on the part of the writers, since they've already said that none of these trips were manned. That is, unless the Ancients also sent out seeding devices like the one on Dakara.

The other thing that will cause me to throw shoes at the television is for Dr. Rush to become a womanizing cult leader. I mean, really, he already reminds me enough of Gaius Baltar.

This show could be really interesting, exploring the Stargate mythos in a more serious manner than its predecessors, or it could be just gratuitously darker and edgier. In short, it could either be Stargate's equivalent to Deep Space 9 or Voyager. Let's hope for the sake of quality television that it's the former.

I've also been loving The Office, and I'm looking forward to Caprica.
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