December 8th, 2009


And now, a word from Twitter

Sometimes, you've just got to be a twit. This is what I was up to today.

  • 05:34 Up and out of the house before dawn. I have plenty of time to be anally probed by TSA. #
  • 05:39 I have no problem with air travel in general. It's TSA that scares me. #
  • 07:17 Announcement at airport "...joke may result in arrest". Someone call the ACLU. #
  • 09:26 The rape team didn't give me trouble. The hard part is over. #
  • 11:37 Plane is here. Turning off phone. #
  • 14:33 I'm at Dulles. @lunalore, I believe this is your neck of the woods. Too bad I'm only here for an hour. #
  • 16:58 Landed in Newark. Now to get off de plane de plane. #
  • 17:18 Have finally gotten through to Missouri City. I won Baggage Roulette, and am now seeking the hotel bus. #
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