August 10th, 2009


Exhausted and sore

This was posted originally at my WordPress blog, here.

I just went on a very long walk. I crossed city lines four times (twice entering Missouri City, twice entering Houston). Admittedly, I went for such a long walk because of my typical policy of walking for the duration of an album. Today’s choice was The Song Remains The Same. I briefly forgot that it was a double album, and I decided to stick with it once I came to that realization. Yeah, that was smart. Knowing that the album was a bit longer than practical, I started heading home at about the start of “Stairway”. I was a good bit of the way through “Moby Dick” by the time I made it through the front door.

This, of course, is the one part of my life that actually is going in the right direction. Over the last month and a bit (since July 7), I’ve lost 25 pounds. Admittedly, the first 15 were due to going off of the antidepressants I was on1, and had gained those in a very short period of time, but the remaining ten were with me for some time. That represents 10% of my maximum weight, for those keeping score at home. A month ago, I could not have walked like this without having a leg go dead on me due to poor circulation. I might even take up golf come September/October (or when the course in Quail Valley reopens in the incredibly likely chance I’m still in the area–it’s a city-operated course, as the country club that owned it was taken over by the city in order to ensure that it didn’t get developed as additional homes). It would add variety to my walking, if nothing else Like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible.

1. I am not going to return to the old medicine regime2. Not only was it insanely costly, but the combination of meds I was on caused my blood pressure to go up and necessitated regular blood work. Interestingly, my outlook has actually improved a bit since going off of the meds: the six months before I went off of them saw three suicide attempts. The thoughts are still there, but they are nowhere near as specific as they were, certainly not specific enough to actually attempt anything.
2. I’m stuck on the Aciphex. My mother and sister are both on it as well. My sister was diagnosed with acid reflux disease about the same age I was, and she has never had weight issues3.
3. The lucky bitch never even gained the freshman 15.